We provide solutions to the engineering, automotive, materials handling and water and sewerage utility industries. Some of our key products are highlighted below.

Water Solutions and Sewerage Industry
We are a long standing manufacture of rubber seals, washers, connectors, plugs and gaskets in support of the water and sewerage solution providers in Malaysia and internationally. Our quality rubber parts are key to ensuring leak-proof piping system.
Clockwise: Rubber Gaskets for metal phlanges, rubber seals and washers for residential water piping, UV resistant seals and rubber connectors
Industrial Machineries
High quality rubber parts are crucial in industrial and heavy machineries to ensure enduring performance of the entire machine. We manufacture large oil seals, metal bonded couplings and mounting for this purpose. Our products undergo internal testing for metal bonding, tensile strength, vibration and shock impact, ensuring the quality and durability of our products.
Clockwise: Oil resistant seals for heavy machinery, metal bonded rubber sleeves, shock absorbing mounting, rubber mounting with screws
Automobile Parts and Assembly
We currently export various rubber and metal bonded bush used for automobile parts. We also custom make rubber and PU parts used for automobile assembly plant, to hold doors, fenders and engine parts for assembly lines.
From left to right: Metal bonded rubber bush, rubber bush, rubber block to hold car doors
Concrete and Construction
We supply O-ring in various size used for sealing in cement pipes. We also supply metal bonded rubber bung and mould attachment to facilitate cement moulding.
Left to right: Natural Rubber and Synthetic O-rings, metal bonded rubber bung
Recreational Equipment
Our custom moulding include products used for children playground such as rubberized swing seat belt, grips for climbing wall, rubberized seats for sea-saw and decks for playground towers. Our products are fully rubberized providing rust-free, heat resistance and cushioning properties. Internally, our parts are reinforced with metal to ensure durability, strength and safety of the playground equipment. We are also able to customize the colour appearance to your preference.
Left to right: Swing seat belt, climbing wall grips, rubberized seat and rubberized deck.
Materials Handling
Our key products include rubber fenders, metal bonded rubber and polyurethane buffers used for cushioning impact during transportation and materials handling. Some of our products are shown in the photos below:
From top left: D-shape fender, dock fender, delineator and PU wheel