Rubber Gaskets
Rubber gaskets are made to size and PCD according to customer requirements. Quality oil resistant gaskets are available for enhanced durability used for high pressure machinery.
Seals are widely used to prevent leakage in all types of piping systems. Depending on the usage and function, different material is used to enhance UV resistance, oil resistance and performance in water.
Metal Bonded Rubber Parts
Photo shows metal bonded rubber parts such as customised buffers and mountings. These parts are excellent shock and vibration absorbers.
Automotive Parts
We manufacture automotive parts consisting of rubber and metal bushing. These parts serve as connectors, bumpers and shock absorbers in small to medium size motor vehicle.
Silicone Rubber
Silicone rubber exhibit excellent resistance against high temperature and is commonly used to make mould and heat-packing seals.
Rubber Connectors
Rubber connectors are commonly used in residential, commercial and recreational water piping systems.
Polyurethane combines the best properties of rubber and plastics, hence provides high resilience against abrasion. PU is commonly used for wheels, bumpers and seals.